Mr Alan Vannan

Mrs Sandra Paton

Lauder Primary School

Allanbank Gardens, Lauder, Berwickshire TD2 6AB


Lauder Primary is a modern, purpose designed, non-denominational rural school.
There is a Nursery for children aged three to five and Primary classes for children aged four to twelve.
We aim to provide opportunities for all pupils to become successful, confident and responsible individuals.

Lauder Primary

School Roll
The current school roll is 245 pupils ranging from Primary 1
to Primary 7 with a mixture of composite and single year groups.
The nursery has a roll of 70 three and four year olds over the day.

Our new purpose built school was opened at
Allanbank Gardens on the 1st December 2009.
The school has ten classrooms, a variety of tutorial rooms,
a suite of offices, meeting rooms, a hall, a dining hall, a library,
and a nursery which contains a wraparound facility.
There are extensive grounds with a mixture of
grass and playground areas.
In addition there is a multi use games area which can be
used for a variety of sports.

The Headteacher is assisted by a Depute Headteacher,
a Principal Teacher and a number of class teachers.
Additionally there are visiting teachers of
Music, Physical Education and Learning Support.
These specialists bring their own expertise into the life of the school.
The Support Staff consists of a School Administrator, Nursery Nurses,
Pupil Support, Cooks, a Janitor and Cleaners.