Mr Alan Vannan

Mrs Louisa Scully

Lauder Primary School

Allanbank Gardens, Lauder, Berwickshire TD2 6AB


Promoting a culture of excellence that supports and challenges every child to achieve their potential

Lauder Primary is a modern, purpose designed,
non-denominational rural school.
There is a Nursery for children aged three to five and Primary classes for children aged four to twelve.
We aim to provide opportunities for all pupils to become successful, confident and responsible individuals.

Attendance and Absence - Groupcall

Pupils are expected to be in school punctually for 8.30am ready to make a start to the class routines and lessons. Latecomers may miss out on instructions and teaching.

It is important that the school is informed of any absence or illness as soon as possible, on the first day of your child’s absence, preferably by 8.45am. If we do not have a reason for a child’s absence then we will now send a text/voice message to your house and/or your mobile phone using an automated system known as Groupcall, so keep your contact details up to date, especially mobiles! The school is required to have an explanation for all pupil absences. Please inform the school if your child has an infectious illness.

Although for some families term time holidays are unavoidable, you are urged to give careful consideration to taking children out of school unnecessarily. Children who are out of school will miss out on teaching and learning. It is not possible to give children schoolwork to take with them; lessons are interactive. Parents wishing to take children out of school should inform the Headteacher in writing in advance. Holiday absences in term time are recorded as ‘unauthorised'.